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3 Unusual Soups
Hosting a holiday party and you want to wow your guests with something different? Try one of these three healthy soups, including ingredients such as chocolate, kefir and shiitake!Chocola...
Holiday Immune-Boosting Tips
One of the things that make the holidays special is that it’s a time for parties and get-togethers. However, all that togetherness can challenge your immunity, especially in a winter when...
Cyclocross: Biking Down and Dirty
The first time Jason Griffin saw a cyclocross race he thought it looked insane. Riders often splattered in mud, rode and carried their bikes over obstacles on a short, technically challen...
Grass-Fed Beef for Keto Diets
Beef, with its zero carb count and plentiful protein, is a staple for keto dieters. What’s more, beef provides a wealth of micronutrients, including iron, selenium, zinc and vitamins B3, ...
5 Ways to Highlight Your Eyes
Old Will Shakespeare was right: Your eyes are the windows to your soul—and the first thing people notice about your face. You want to keep your peepers as attractive as possible. Here are...
Avoiding Holiday Stress
Sometimes, the holidays aren’t just about decorations, presents and good cheer. For a number of people, the holiday season is also a time of extra stress. It’s not hard to understand why....
Five Tips for Better Joint Health
Staying active as you get older requires mobile, pain-free knees, shoulders and other joints. Here are five ways you can enjoy greater joint health as you age.Maintain a Healthy WeightCar...
Yoga Poses for Extra Energy
The holiday season can be fun, but all that extra activity—shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.—can leave you too pooped to party. For a natural pick-me-up, try this yoga sequence. Besides h...
Helping Your Child Make Friends
Your child’s school days are about so much more than just classwork: School is also where kids learn vital lessons on how to interact with people.That’s especially true when it comes to f...
How Staying Social Helps Your Brain
Do you have friends you can laugh with in good times and who can pick you up when you’re feeling down? Congratulations—you have discovered a key to keeping your mind active as you age.“We...
Fall Garden Tips
Now that temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors, you may think it’s time to put away your gardening tools for the year.Not so! Here are ways to keep your garden prod...
6 Great Non-Dairy Milks
Once a hard-to-find specialty food product, dairy-free milk options are now abundant. Some people favor milk from sources other than cows as part of a vegan lifestyle. Others say they fee...
Keeping Your Pet Healthy Over the Holidays
Holiday time is family time…and who is a more beloved family member than your dog or cat? That’s why you need to ensure your pal’s continued well-being at this time of the year by protect...