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    Summer Hair Care for Women

    Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Same attitude applies to your hair!

    Whether you want to channel some beachy, bohemian waves, try a lighter color or rock some extensions, hair experts are sharing their favorite warm-weather style tips.

    Go Natural

    Your summer hair forecast: Lots of air dried, natural-textured styles—wavy, curly or straight, says Tina McPherson, lead stylist and owner ofThe Private Room Salon in Beverly Hills.

    “Though hair is worn unstyled, these looks often require a great cut,” she says, suggesting that you add a little frizz control if you need it or beach spray to help amp up texture.

    Dizon adds that another trend is the slicked back, wet hair style; it can be easily achieved by using a little water with a lot of strong hold gel to hold the hair away from the face.

    Go for Waves

    On the other hand, if you have curly or frizzy hair, you may benefit from a keratin treatment, says NYC hairstylistLucy Garcia Planck.

    “To achieve the natural wave look in the summer you will need lots of conditioning,” she says. “Using products that are good for natural waves is essential. You can combine it with a hair mousse first to bring out the natural waves in your hair.”

    For natural-looking waves, you want to avoid products and drying techniques that add volume, says beauty consultantClaude Baruk. He recommends styling the hair “with a simple center or side part, and then blow-dry as you twirl small sections of hair around your fingers.”

    Go Ombre and Metallic

    Ombre coloration—in which hair is dyed so that it becomes darker as you go from the roots to the ends—has moved into softer fashion hues: Think shades such as pink, rose, lavender, strawberry, and gold. 

    Think metallics in the hair realm mean bobby pins? Think again: Metallic grays and pastels are in fashion, either in highlight form or as all-over color.

    Go Pulled-Back

    Braids are a great, easy summer hair style that’s made a huge comeback.

    Another summer trend to keep hair pulled back and out of your way is a tight high or low ponytail, says Garcia Planck; use some leave-in conditioner and a little mousse to pull hair tight and away from the face. She suggests tying pieces of hair back behind the ears and fastening with a gold barrette for a clean, stylish look.

    Go with Extensions

    For tresses that impress, glam things up with extensions, which make your hair look longer while adding body. Your hair type will determine which types of extensions you should get, explains hairstylistGina Fox.

    Bonded, strand-by-strand methods work best for women with extremely fine hair who have a tough time growing their hair past the neck area, Fox says. For clients whose hair isn’t as sparse, a weft tape method can be effective.

    If you get extensions, you’ll need to spend some time taking care of them at home to make sure the extensions don’t tangle with your own hair. Detangling the hair each day, especially at the site of attachment, is important; but be sure not to over-brush or brush too aggressively because that can damage the extensions.

    “Applying conditioner in the shower is important,” Fox says. “However, slathering on conditioners, keratin treatments or oils is not recommended.”

    Also, hair extensions become twice as heavy when they are wet, so you should squeeze as much moisture out of the hair with a towel prior to detangling. While it’s OK to use styling tools like flat or curling irons, be sure not to apply direct heat to the extension bonds because it can loosen them.

    Also: Protect Your Head from the Sun

    If you’ve got thinning hair, wear a part or have an exposed hairline, find a spray sunscreen that can protect your scalp from the sun’s rays. Even better: Wear a hat.

    You can also try using a leave-in conditioner that’s free of alcohol, sulfate and sodium chloride when you swim. These conditioners can help with heat protection and prevent color fading. Chlorine can ruin hair coloring; if you dye your hair, wear a swim cap.

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