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4 Dorm-Ready Smoothies
Going off (or back) to college this year? Dorm rooms aren’t exactly spacious, so it pays to find ways you can get the biggest nutrition return for your mealtime investment. That’s what ma...
7 Foods for Immune Support
Maintaining a capable, balanced immune system is crucial to your overall well-being—and the best way to help your immune system is by eating a healthy diet.“Following general good-health ...
Reach New Heights with Sport Climbing
If you’ve thought of taking up sport climbing, you’re not alone. Climbing—either outside on rock faces or inside climbing gyms—has grown from a niche sport to a popular activity for all a...
Keto-Friendly Recipes for Dad
Want to whip up something wonderful for Dad this Father’s Day? The recipes below are both delicious and low in carbs, thanks to KetoLiving LCHF Chocolate Shake powder.Keto Chocolate Cover...
5 Ways to Highlight Your Eyes
Old Will Shakespeare was right: Your eyes are the windows to your soul—and the first thing people notice about your face. You want to keep your peepers as attractive as possible. Here are...
Using Exercise for Stress Relief
Stress is more than just an emotional state. Who hasn’t experienced physical symptoms, such as muscular tension or headaches, when under stress?The good news is that physical activity can...
5 Tips for Healthy Summer Digestion
Cookouts, vacations, trips to the beach: If you’re enjoying a busy summer, the last thing you need is digestive trouble. Thing is, high heat and humidity can lead to gastrointestinal issu...
College Freshman Health Guide
Your first day on campus: You’ve moved everything from the car into your dorm room, said goodbye to your parents…and now you’re on your own. Starting college is exciting, as it should be....
Helping Your Child Make Friends
Your child’s school days are about so much more than just classwork: School is also where kids learn vital lessons on how to interact with people.That’s especially true when it comes to f...
How Staying Social Helps Your Brain
Do you have friends you can laugh with in good times and who can pick you up when you’re feeling down? Congratulations—you have discovered a key to keeping your mind active as you age.“We...
Protect Your Joints While Gardening
Being a gardener has its advantages: Besides letting you grow your own food and get out into the fresh air, keeping a garden also helps you stay flexible and loose.The only concern? Enjoy...
6 Great Non-Dairy Milks
Once a hard-to-find specialty food product, dairy-free milk options are now abundant. Some people favor milk from sources other than cows as part of a vegan lifestyle. Others say they fee...
How Old Is My Pet in Human Years?
Knowing how old your pet is in terms of people years isn’t just a fun fact: Being aware of what life stage your dog or cat is in can help you better care for your companion.And that seven...

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