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Become a NaturesPlus Retailer!

Our Retailer Benefits:

  • Special opening order discounts for new stores
  • Monthly promotions and featured floor displays on all product categories
  • C.O.D discounts on every order
  • Ongoing discounts on key products through our marketing program
  • NaturesPlus discount coupons
  • Free taste samples of all chewables with qualifying purchases
  • NaturesPlus University, Customer Demos, and Staff Training!
  • Call toll-free 800-645-9500 today to open a NaturesPlus retailer account with us.

For more information about offering our premier line of natural vitamins and nutritional supplements in your health store, call toll-free 800-645-9500 today and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service specialists. Help your health conscious customers enjoy life at its fullest with NaturesPlus, The Energy Supplements.