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    While our products can be found around the world (we even have an office in London), our primary US locations are in New York and Nevada. As part of our Corporate Responsibility Act, NaturesPlus is dedicated to helping people in our local communities and have partnered with several organizations.

    American Cancer Society®. Man in green crew neck t-shirt beside woman in pink crew neck t-shirt

    American Cancer Society: Each year the team laces up its sneakers for one of the largest donation events in the country—the ACS’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. We have raised thousands of dollars to help fight this disease and support those affected by it.

    Long Island Cares banner displaying box full of grocery items

    Long Island Cares: Food: It’s one of the most basic human needs. That’s why each year we donate bags and bags of groceries to Long Island Cares, which distributes about 6 million pounds of food annually to folks who can use a helping hand.

    MARCUM WORKPLACE CHALLENGE. People in blue and red shirts running

    Marcum Workplace Challenge: We love to hit the boardwalk each year at Long Island’s Jones Beach for what is billed as the largest corporate charity walk/run (and the biggest office charity picnic) in the region. The Challenge raises about $100,000 annually; each year’s proceeds are divided among several nonprofit organizations.

    New York Blood Center banner displaying hands holding hands with red heart inside them

    New York Blood Center: The nation’s blood banks are always looking for many, many pints to meet the always-present demand. To do our part, we roll up our sleeves each year for the New York Blood Center, which provides the blood local patients require to rebound from illness.

    RED NOSE DAY. Men and women wearing oversized sunglasses with red clown noses

    Red Nose Day: We love fun as much as anyone, which is why we all wear silly red noses once a year for a great cause: helping children overcome the effects of poverty. Coordinated by the nonprofit Comic Relief, Red Nose Day raises money to help kids find the food, shelter and other resources they need to realize their full potential.

    INN banner displaying four men working in the kitchen

    The INN: We help dish up meals at the Interfaith Nutrition Network, known as The INN. Long Island’s largest soup kitchen not only serves roughly 1,300 meals a week but also operates a clothing boutique for its guests and helps them secure jobs and housing. We are continuing to partner with them through clothing donations, food drives and other means.

    What’s more, we’re proud of NaturesPlus family members who give freely to other causes close to their hearts…because in giving to others, we realize our best selves.