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    Stretches for Gardeners
    It’s that first good gardening day of the spring, and you’re excited to start digging in the earth again. But your day will go a lot more smoothly—and with a reduced risk of post-activity...
    Early Spring Garden Checklist
    Warm breezes and birds singing can only mean one thing to a gardener: It’s time to get out into the garden again. And one way to ensure a productive growing season is to follow this sprin...
    How to Start a Garden
    One productive way to spend extra time at home is to give over part of your yard to a garden. Fresh air, exercise, homegrown veggies—what more could you want? No yard? No problem: Many pl...
    Fall Garden Tips
    Now that temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors, you may think it’s time to put away your gardening tools for the year.Not so! Here are ways to keep your garden prod...
    Protect Your Joints While Gardening
    Being a gardener has its advantages: Besides letting you grow your own food and get out into the fresh air, keeping a garden also helps you stay flexible and loose.The only concern? Enjoy...
    5 Tips for Perfect Tomatoes
    No store-bought tomato can compare in flavor with that of one you’ve picked, fully ripe and fragrant, from your own garden. That’s a big reason why tomatoes are the most popular vegetable...
    Can I Garden If I Have Allergies?
    You may love gardening...but your sinuses and nasal passages may have other ideas. The good news is that there are ways to exercise your green thumb while reducing the risk of sneezes and...
    Creating a Space-Saver Indoor Garden
    If the cold winter weather is keeping you from your passion for gardening, there’s plenty of opportunity to keep your green thumb creatively busy indoors.Beyond nurturing the standard pot...
    Becoming an Urban Gardener
    Working in the garden is a form of meditation for Scott Lindsley.The realtor and urban farmer spends his mornings inspecting the beehive, checking on seeds germinating in the small greenh...
    Natural Garden Pest Control
    So you’re really into this garden thing. The plants are growing well and you’re actually starting to feel like a green-thumb pro. And then you notice a cabbage leaf full of holes. Any v...
    Compost: A Garden Lover’s Gold
    You’re proud of your garden, and you should be—it took a lot of work to create a plot and get everything planted. But if you want to keep your plants growing well, you need to feed them. ...

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