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    Keeping Your Kids Healthy While Eating Out

    Studies indicate that we tend to eat healthier meals at home than in restaurants, but today’s busy schedules lead many families to eat away from home.

    Here's how to maintain your family's well-being while still enjoying restaurant meals.

    Custom Orders

    The first step is to customize your order. Whether you choose whole-grain bread at a sandwich shop or opt for a grilled option fat fast-food establishment, more restaurants are willing to accommodate customers by tailoring orders to their health needs. If you get significant pushback, consider eating elsewhere.

    Check Nutritional Information

    The guessing game over calorie content is almost over: Many restaurants are now required to print calorie counts on menus and make other nutritional information available upon request.

    Utilize Smaller Portions 

    Experts suggest ordering soups, appetizers and salads to give children a healthier alternative to items found on the kids’ menu. And some restaurants even offer small or half-portions of many appetizers, entrees and desserts as other options. Some establishments may not advertise the availability of smaller portions, so be sure to ask. If they don’t, you can take half your meal home and save it for the next day.

    Small Changes, Big Effect

    Small, subtle changes can often make a big difference...and without sacrificing much taste. Order food grilled, steamed, broiled, poached or roasted instead of fried, and opt for tomato-based instead of butter or cream sauces. Likewise, choose broth-based soups instead of creamed. Another great suggestion is to ask for whole wheat or whole grain pasta or rice. And if you must have a dessert, try sharing it, or choose fruit and sorbet.

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