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Quick Black Bean Soup
A hot bowl of soup on a cold day is a wonderful thing...especially when you can serve it within 30 minutes. (Pair it with sandwiches and a side salad, and you’ve got a complete meal.) Bla...
7 Ways to Boost Your Immunity
One way to get the new year off to a good start is to keep your immune system in top shape–you don’t want sneezes and sniffles slowing you down! Here are seven ways to maintain a healthy ...
5 Great Bodyweight Exercises
Looking to get into better shape without a gym membership or home-based hardware?  You have a third option: exercises that require no more than your body's own weight. Here are five of th...
Keeping Your Resolutions the Keto Way
When it comes to the popularity of New Year’s resolutions, the only competition for “losing weight” is “getting in shape” (as if the two weren’t related). And every year many people try t...
5 Fall Hair Trends
Do you like to change your hairstyle as the seasons change? Here are some looks you’ll be seeing all over social—and all around town—this autumn.Bangs Are BackWhether cut straight across,...
Stress in Men
For the vast majority of Americans, stress is simply an unavoidable fact of life. But just because both men and women are subject to stress doesn’t mean we respond to it in the same way—a...
Yoga Poses for Better Blood Circulation
Do you sit—or stand—all day? That could be one reason for swelling in your feet and ankles, a classic sign of circulation that could use a boost. Others include numbness or coldness in th...
Cooking with Peppercorns
Salt may get the most attention in the world of basic seasonings. But black pepper has the sexy backstory.Ancient Romans brought boatloads of gold to India, the pepper plant’s native home...
Natural Play Spaces for Kids
Parents used to have a hard time calling children in to supper. Now they find it difficult getting kids to go outside. In response to the growing concern that too many kids don’t have eno...
Yoga Poses to Boost Your Brain
Looking to keep your cognition sharp and on point? Yoga, based as it is on synchronizing motion and breath, is all about concentration and focus. These poses are especially helpful in tha...
Can I Garden If I Have Allergies?
You may love gardening...but your sinuses and nasal passages may have other ideas. The good news is that there are ways to exercise your green thumb while reducing the risk of sneezes and...
Vegan Yogurt
Yogurt without milk? Absolutely! This yogurt recipe uses cashews as the basis of a yogurt even a hardcore vegan can love. “Making your own yogurt may seem daunting, but it is actually sim...