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    6 Great Ways to Use Oranges

    Found a great deal on oranges by the case...and you’re now wondering what to do with them? Here are some ways you can put that bounty to good use. 

    1. Freeze Oranges Whole!

    Wash an orange and put in the freezer. Once it’s frozen solid, grate it, peel and all, and use it to bring a pop of sweetness—and a burst of vitamin C—to salad, rice, fish, ice cream and other dishes.

    2. Use Oranges for Beauty!

    Put the fruit’s mild acidity to good use by drying and grinding the peels, then make a facial mask by mixing the powder with enough water to form a pleasantly scented paste. Want a beauty treatment that’s even easier? Cut an orange in half and dip one of the cut sides in coarse sugar for a natural exfoliator.

    3. Use Oranges for Cleaning!

    Looking for a household cleanser that’s nontoxic and effective? Chop the peels coarsely and place in a glass jar, then fill with white vinegar. Allow it to sit for two weeks, then dilute the vinegar with an equal amount of water before pouring into a spray container. You can also dip juiced orange rinds in salt and use them to scrub the kitchen sink (rinse completely afterwards).

    4. Use Oranges as Fragrance!

    Place the dried peels with lavender, broken cinnamon sticks or other sweetly scented items in muslin bags to scent clothes drawers. Or poke holes in an orange with a toothpick and fill with whole cloves; then bake in a  low oven for an hour, cool, and use ribbon or string to hang in your closet.

    5. Use Oranges to Make Ice Cubes!

    Use ice cubes made with orange zest to enliven your drinks. Or simply freeze orange juice in ice cube trays, then store the cubes in heavy storage bags for up to four months in the freezer.

    6. Use Oranges as Flavoring Agents!

    Orange peels can bring a lovely aroma and flavor to oils and honeys. Remove the white material (the pith) from the peels and place the remaining rind in a glass container. Then pour in some extra-virgin olive oil or honey, seal and let the bottle sit in a dark spot for several weeks. If using honey, you can encourage the flavor to infuse more strongly by gently heating the peels and honey on the stove (don’t let the mixture boil), then removing the peels and storing the honey in a clean jar.

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