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Lemonade Strawberry Homemade Ice Pops

Looking for a healthy, tasty and inexpensive alternative to store-bought ice pops? Cool your palate on a hot summer’s day with these homemade ice pops featuring NaturesPlus Strawberry SPIRU-TEIN. They’re not only bursting with flavor, they’re easy to make, packed with nutritious protein—and almost too pretty to eat!

1/2 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup Strawberry SPIRU-TEIN powder

1 cup lemonade

1. Divide the strawberries among 2–4 ice pop molds.
2. Mix the Strawberry SPIRU-TEIN with the lemonade and pour into the molds.
3. Freeze overnight and enjoy!
Yields 2–4 ice pops

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