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    7 Fun Activities for Dads and Toddlers

    Once your baby grows into toddlerhood, the real fun part of being a daddy begins! Here are some ways to have a good time with your little one. 

    Toss a Ball! 

    Your child should be able to throw a ball by 18 months and catch one by age 3 or 4. You can start by rolling a large, soft ball back and forth, using smaller, firmer balls as he or she becomes more proficient.

    Play Airplane!

    What youngster wouldn’t love to fly from room to room—with Daddy as the pilot! Just make sure you lift your child with your legs in order to protect your back.

    Give Piggyback Rides!

    What fun! Again, use good form to protect your spine.

    Build with Blocks!

    Blocks allow your child to use his or her imagination. Smaller children do better with larger blocks.

    Use Fingerpaints!

    Another imagination stimulator that also allows your toddler (and you) to get messy together.

    Dance, Dance, Dance!

    Does your child have a favorite song? Turn up the volume and boogie!

    Chase for Hugs!

    Daddy becomes the big, bad Hug Monster...until you both collapse in a happy, tired heap.

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