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Use Protein and Fiber to Curb Your Appetite:Do you have festive plans for the evening? Before you head out, throw some KetoLiving Chocolate, ice cubes and raspberries into a blender, and add a teaspoon of chia seeds. The combination of protein (from the KetoLiving) and fiber (from the chia) will help keep hunger at bay.

Find a Keto Buddy:Do you know a friend or family member who is also committed to staying keto-strong during the holidays? Then team up as accountability partners: Having someone else to motivate (and sometimes challenge) you can help you stick with it when you’re feeling stressed or otherwise vulnerable to slip-ups.

Bond with Your Family Over Exercise:All healthy dieting plans need an exercise component, including the keto diet. So why not get the gang in on the fun? For example, instead of spending a whole day on the couch, suggest to the fam that a friendly game of flag football or backyard basketball—or simply going for a walk together—might be a better way to enjoy each other’s company.

Plan for Temptation at Work:Workplaces can become carbohydrate minefields when people start bringing in platters of cookies, cakes, etc.; Keep treats in high-traffic areas so they go quickly and arm yourself with high-protein snacks—such as nuts, seeds and KetoLiving shakes—in your area so you’ll have healthy alternatives.

Tame Stress:It’s hard to stick with the keto lifestyle when stress has you tied in knots. Practice some form of stress relief, such as meditation or yoga, on a regular basis.

Bomb Hunger with Fat: Fat bombs, either sweet or savory, can help kill hunger; the sweet ones are especially helpful if you’re going to be surrounded by desserts all evening. But remember that fat bombs are high in calories; if you’re trying to remain in ketosis and getting regular exercise, you shouldn’t eat more than three a day.

If You Want a Drink, Choose Wisely: The best keto beverage is, of course, water, regular or sparkling. Other keto-friendly beverages include unsweetened tea, black coffee (with or without heavy cream) and unsweetened nut milks (or a KetoLiving shake if you want something more substantial). But if you want to celebrate with something alcoholic, stick to one spirit-based drink mixed with sparkling water or one glass of dry wine.

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