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    Nailing It: Turning Your Fingertips into Art


    If plain nail polish just doesn't do it for you, consider diving into the world of nail art. Whether you DIY or prefer a nail technician's expertise, here are some ways to make your fingernails stand out in a crowd.

    Hot Nail Fashions

    Shimmery colors and single lines in pastel colors are some of the styles Miriam Brochero of the nail polish company 7TRUE is taking note of. She also favors upgraded French manicures that use pastel colors instead of a classic white tip.

    A trend catching the eye of 7TRUE cofound Maria Pantaleoni is the use of simple shapes on nude or clear bases. For those who like to keep their nails short, a square nail shape works best for showcasing nail art, she adds.

    After concentrating on gentle pastels in the spring, break out the bold colors for showing off in the summer. Try using a color such as bright red or neon yellow as a base for your manicure, and then give your nails a metallic tip, Pantaleoni suggests.

    To give the glitter trend a go, Brochero recommends applying one coat of your favorite glitter polish, focusing on keeping it near the tip of the nail, for a simple, sheer finish.

    “I believe the retro colors of the late 1980s and early 1990s like yellows, purples, blues and pinks will make a big comeback,” says Yasheaka Inez.

    Inez says she also likes to incorporate white in nail art because it helps tie colors together. Conversely, she’ll use black for nail art because it’s simple and it pops.

    Another great way to elevate your manicure by adding some rhinestones, notes Jackie Truong. “A basic nude manicure with a few rhinestone accents can add a touch of elegance and subtle sparkle,” she says. Rhinestones also look great with a touch of gold polish.

    Look to the Runway

    The fashion runway also provides a good crystal ball for seasons to come; Brochero says many nail artists are taking the runway to the streets.

    Candice Simons agrees that the runways help predict what will be trending from head to toe. She expects to see edgy stiletto and tulip shapes to add even more dimensions to nail art in the coming seasons.

    Another trend: graphic black applied along the cuticle line. “Using cuticle art is an edgy look, showing that polishes shouldn’t be limited to the nail itself,” Simons says, adding that you should use a nourishing cuticle oil to keep the cuticle healthy. 

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