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    5 Fall Hair Trends

    Do you like to change your hairstyle as the seasons change? Here are some looks you’ll be seeing all over social—and all around town—this autumn.

    Bangs Are Back

    Whether cut straight across, chopped until they’re spiky or used to frame your face, bangs rule this year. And what’s great is that bangs will work whether you like to wear your hair short or long, shaggy or straight.

    Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

    Barrettes, clips, headbands, ribbons, scrunchies, scarves, you name it: If you can wear it in your hair, it’s in. Try a pretty headband studded with fun fake jewels, a ribbon or scarf in warm autumnal colors, twin barrettes on each side of a middle part or a fancy pin in an elegant updo.

    Sweep It Into an Updo…

    Speaking of updos: They allow for creativity, since you can wear your hair up in so many ways. Try a bun with fun wisps you can use to enhance your face, or an elaborate creation perfect for special occasions. Can’t decide? Put some of it up in a topknot with the rest worn long!

    ...Or Cut It Into a Bob…

    Looking for the original no-muss-no-fuss hairstyle? A blunt bob that hits at the jawline is about as easy-peasy as hair gets. If you want a look that’s a little more playful, try a slightly longer, shaggier version of the classic bob, one that falls to the bottom of your neck.

    ...Or Pull It Back Into a Ponytail

    Another classic, low-maintenance style. Ponytails can be worn low on the neck (perfect for longer, straighter hair), preferably with a pretty scrunchie or band (we did mention accessories, right?), or fancied up with loops, twists and cornrow braids.

    Also: A Note on Hairbrushes

    No matter what style you choose, helping your hair look as good as possible—and keeping it at its healthiest best—requires using the right brush for your hair type.

    Fine, curly hair: Use a brush with boar bristles to avoid damage and snags; the brush will glide through hair without pulling. It also helps distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair.

    Medium to thick hair: Use a round brush to create bounce and volume. Many round brushes have metal barrels, which allow them to be used with a hair dryer for blowouts.

    Long, straight hair: A paddle brush with widely spaced bristles is the best choice if you like longer hair styles.

    For all hair types, long, thin teasing brushes will allow you to lift the hair at the root, creating texture, while a rattail comb is best for parting hair into sections. If you’re into extensions, a loop brush is designed to not yank on the extension (or damage it) while brushing. And no matter what brush you buy, don’t go cheap—your hair knows, and it will not be happy.

    Only use a brush on dry hair, as wet hair is more prone to breakage and stretching. If you want to style your hair when it’s wet, use a wide-toothed comb after towel drying.

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