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Source of Life® Garden Men’s Once Daily Multivitamin Tablets

You love organic food…what about your supplements? NaturesPlus Source of Life Garden Men’s Once Daily is certified organic and vegan. Go back to the garden!
  • Includes extracts from 35 whole foods for the best men’s multivitamin you’ll find
  • Supplies men’s botanicals: pumpkin seed, tomato extract (contains lycopene), turmeric & pomegranate
  • Support for healthy energy, strength, stamina, heart function & metabolism*
                  • 30 Servings Per Container
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                            For thousands of years, men have turned to nature’s bounty of health-supporting herbs in an effort to maintain peak well-being. Today, many of these herbs (and other plant-based substanc...
                            Once upon a time, all food was “organic.” Farmers used natural means to enrich the soil, control weeds and eliminate pests because there were no other options. That was true until the mi...