Ultra Juice Green Drink

Available Sizes:
Product No. 37747 - .66 lbs. (30 Servings)
Product No. 37749 - 1.32 lbs. (60 Servings)
Product No. 97747 - Stick Pack 15

Organic Ultra Juice Veg-Green Proprietary Blend:
Health experts recommend a variety of whole foods to ensure that you get a sufficient diversity of antioxidants to overcome the myriad free radicals that attack your body daily. This blend of 19 power-packed , wholesome organic green fruits and vegetables delivers the variety and strength your body needs. With such a wide array of antioxidants, free radicals don't stand a chance.rn

Organic Global Algae Proprietary Blend:
Organic Ultra Juice Green also features 7 powerful, revitalizing marine and aquatic superfoods, a natural storehouse of energy and micronutrients. This blend of certified organic spirulina, dulse, Icelandic kelp, and more is naturally rich in antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, protein, nucleic acids and plant pigments, as well as many other healthful nutritional cofactors.

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