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KetoLiving™ Sugar Control Capsules

Taming sugar cravings is crucial for keto or LCHF diet success. That’s the idea behind KetoLiving Sugar Control from NaturePlus—advanced support for sugar balance and fat burning.*
  • 750 mg of glucose-blasting berberine*
  • Supplies chromium, cinnamon, banaba, garcinia & gymnema
  • Supports healthy glucose levels and promotes insulin sensitivity*
  • Healthy blood sugar control can help control cravings*
  • Organic Keto Support Whole Food Blend*
                  • 30 Servings Per Container
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                             Do you like your current keto cheesecake recipe well enough, but miss having a crust? With KetoLiving™ LCHF Chocolate Shake powder, you can have your cheesecake...and eat the crust, too....
                            The end goal each person sets when starting a keto diet may be different, but one common goal remains: to keep your body in a state of ketosis. While not unique to being on the keto diet...