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FurBaby Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

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Your dog is a cherished member of the family…and that’s why NaturesPlus FurBaby Probiotic for Dogs supplies the probiotic organisms your dog’s body needs for peak digestive well-being as well as ideal energy production and other crucial functions. What’s more, FurBaby is made from 100% human-grade ingredients—because you only want the best for your furry kids!

  • 6 billion live bacteria in 9 unique strains along with supporting prebiotics
  • 200 mg of L-glutamine plus papaya, psyllium seed & aloe
  • Supports both digestive & immune health
  • Promotes optimal function of the heart & liver
  • Promotes healthy energy production
  • Convenient, delicious sprinkle-on formula
  • 60 Servings Per Container


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