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What Are the Best Herbs for Women?

For thousands of years, women have turned to nature’s storehouse of health-supporting herbs in an effort to maintain peak well-being.

Today, many of these herbs (and other plant-based substances) are again being used by people who wish to best support their health. Here are some of them.†



What It Is

What It Does



A formulation of bioflavonoids and two Indian herbs, jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) and ankol (Alangium salvifolium)

Helps promote healthy hormonal balance; ankol has been used traditionally to help support female health after pregnancy, jujube as an overall tonic*



The dried and fermented seed from Theobroma cacao, used to make chocolate

Supplies antioxidants and magnesium, a mineral crucial to energy production*



A shrub, Vaccinium macrocarpon, known for its tart red berries

Long used to help support urinary tract health; contains substances that may help support healthy gut flora*



A small shrub, Turnera diffusa, found in dry, sunny areas from southern Texas to Central America

Long history of use in helping to support female sexual health*

Dong Quai


Angelica sinensis, a perennial herb found in China, Japan and Korea

Called “the female ginseng” because Eastern medicine employs it for women’s health concerns*

Grape/Apple Polyphenols


Antioxidant compounds found in the skins of apples and grapes

Helps support healthy sexual function*


The tuber of a plant, Lepidium meyenii, that grows in the highlands of Peru

Traditionally used to help support female sexual health, energy levels and overall well-being*

Pau D’Arco


A tall tree, Tabebuia impetiginosa, native to the Amazon rainforest

Traditionally used as an overall tonic; employed in Western herbalism to help promote female reproductive-tract health


Valeriana officinalis, an herb native to Europe and western Asia

Long used to promote mood and sleep health*

Velvet Bean

Mucuna pruriens, a legume found in tropical areas around the world

Used by Ayurvedic practitioners to support sexual well-being*


NOTE: Always consult with your healthcare practitioner for help in designing a supplementation program, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.


†The information provided is not an endorsement of any product, and is intended for educational purposes only. NaturesPlus does not provide medical advice and does not offer diagnosis of any conditions. Current research on this topic is not conclusive and further research may be needed in order to prove the benefits described.

The conditions and symptoms described may be indicative of serious health problems, and therefore should be brought to the attention of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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