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    Pita Tacos

    The best way to get your kids to eat healthy midday meals is to have them pack their own lunches, says Natalie Monson, RD of Super Healthy Kids

    She came to this conclusion after her son “traded theentire lunch I made for him for a single piece of candy.”

    After that, Monson came up with lists of healthy grains, proteins, vegetables and fruit and then had her kids “decide what they were going to put in their own lunches–as long as it met my standards of course!”

    Once you do the cutting and can-opening, you children can make these easy-peasy pita tacos themselves.

    1 medium tomato, red

    1 stalk green onion

    1 medium avocado

    1 cup corn, canned

    1 cup black beans, canned

    1/4 tsp black pepper, ground

    4 large pita, whole wheat

    2 cups shredded lettuce

    1. Chop tomato, green onion and avocado. Drain corn; drain and rinse beans.
    2. Mix tomato, green onion, avocado, corn, beans, and black pepper in medium bowl.
    3. For lunch to go, divide the tomato mixture and into 4 portions and pack in resealable containers; do the same with the lettuce. For 1 lunch, portion out: 1 container of tomato mixture, 1 container of lettuce and 1 pita. (Have your child assemble the taco at lunchtime.)

    Yield: 4 lunches

    Source: courtesy of Super Healthy Kids

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