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    Adventure Animals of Instagram
    It seems as if every picture ever taken has landed on Instagram—especially if that picture features an animal. Well not really, but close enough. In less than 10 years, Instagram usage h...
    So You Want to Get a…Leopard Gecko
    The Basics: Leopards are a good choice for first-time reptile owners: They are fairly small, 8 to 10 inches, are not prone to biting and are easily tamed. While the more exotic colors and...
    Visitors to SeaWorld Orlando who follow the joyous screams from the park’s Mako roller coaster and the path around nearby exhibits will eventually encounter a bucolic freshwater pond stoc...
    Bad Dog!
    Nicole Basso had owned dogs before—and then she and her husband adopted Lilly from a local animal shelter.Lilly turned out to be “very mouthy—putting her mouth around my arm, jumping,” sa...
    Three Questions for Dr. Pol
    By day, Jan Pol, DVM, keeps busy at Pol Veterinary Services in Weidman, Michigan, where he does everything from stitching up injured dogs to helping cows give birth.By night, though, Pol ...
    Hemp for Pets
    What is CBD/hemp used for veterinary medicine? » “The two things we definitely have clinical evidence for are osteoarthritis and seizure control in dogs,” says Gary Richter, DVM, owner o...
    5 Great Places for a Doggy Vacay
    If your dog is like a lot of other canines, he loves riding shotgun on car trips (and you love taking him). That’s why more hotels are offering amenities “like room service with dog optio...

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