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    Three Questions for Dr. Pol

    By day, Jan Pol, DVM, keeps busy at Pol Veterinary Services in Weidman, Michigan, where he does everything from stitching up injured dogs to helping cows give birth.

    By night, though, Pol is the star of Nat Geo WILD’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” The network’s highest-rated show, it follows Pol and his staff as they handle as many as 100 cases a day.

    Pol and his wife, Diane, spent several hours signing autographs at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas, where Consumers Supply Animal Nutrition introduced Dr. Pol–branded dog, cat and farm animal foods. That’s where Discover Life caught up with him.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    Helping animals to make people happy.

    What is the worst thing?

    Having to put animals down, especially when people have had them for many years. For me, quality of life is more important than the quantity of life; animals don’t fear death.

    Always have older and younger pets so the younger ones can console you.

    What is the one thing you want every pet parent to know?

    That every animal is an individual—find the pet that best suits you. Also, I want kids to roll on the floor with pets; having pets in the house has been shown to reduce allergies.

    Animals are a necessity in our lives. I want to keep animal ownership affordable.

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