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    Top 10 Yoga Poses for Balance

    You might have known that yoga can help you improve your strength and flexibility. But did you know this ancient practice can also improve your balance?

    Yoga poses are to be held for several breaths, requiring an individual's body to be still and focused. By holding certain positions for an extended period of time, you can improve your balance.

    Different poses focus on different areas of the body. If you practice several different poses during your yoga sessions, you can improve your body's overall ability to balance. If that’'s a special concern of yours, these are the top yoga poses to try.

    1. Chair

    Chair is an excellent pose to help beginner yogis with their balance. This pose involves standing on two feet, bending your knees and extending your arms. Not only can this pose help you with balance, but you can also improve your leg and core strength.

    This pose should be held for five to 10 breaths (or for more or fewer breaths, depending on your skill level). To make Chair more difficult, you can bend your knees further into a squat position.

    2. Crescent Lunge

    When you think about balance, you probably think about standing on one foot. However, balance can apply to every position your body takes, including lunge positions. Crescent Lunge can help you balance in a lunge position, improve the strength needed for running, and stretch your hip flexors.

    This pose is to be held for one minute; it is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

    3. Croc Hops

    Croc hops are more suitable for intermediate yogis and experts. The are comparable to pushups: From a pushup position, you launch yourself into the air and land in the same position you took off from. The process of landing in this position can improve your ability to balance.

    4. Downward Facing Dog

    Even though Downward Facing Dog is a pose in which you are on your hands and feet, it can still help you with balance. When your torso is above your head, your center of gravity is altered.

    Hold this position for as long as you are comfortable.It also stretches your spine, hands, hamstrings, arches, shoulders and calves.

    5. Eagle

    You get into Eagle from an angled Crescent Lunge: Stand on one foot and wrap your free leg around your standing leg. You also wrap your arms around each other and lift them above your head. This pose requires notable balance and is best for intermediate and advanced yogis.

    6. Half Camel

    Positions where you are bending your back and looking upward can help improve your balance. Even though you are kneeling during Half Camel, you may find that it is surprisingly difficult to hold. The more often you practice this pose, the easier it will be to balance. To help with your posture, you should grab your ankle with one hand and extend your other hand behind you.

    7. Tree

    Tree is one of the most popular yoga poses and when you think of balance, it’s one of the first that comes to mind. This move is recommended for beginners and experts alike. Not only can Tree help improve your balance, but it is also one of the most relaxing poses in terms of stress relief and mental wellness.

    8. Twisting Lunge

    Twisting Lunge can be performed in conjunction with Warrior II. In a lunge position, you practice lifting your free leg from a flat position to a position where you are standing on your toe. This can help you improve your balance in kneeling positions. This can also build strength in your calves, which is helpful when it comes to balance.

    9. Warrior II

    Often strength and balance go hand in hand; when a muscle is strong, it has an easier time stabilizing itself, which can make it easier for you to balance. Warrior II helps with abdominal muscle and groin strength, as well as stamina. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on your abilities. Then, lower your arms, straighten your right knee, and turn your left. foot to match your right foot. Repeat.

    10. Warrior III

    Often yoga instructors will have you move into Warrior III from Mountain; it can help you balance on one foot with your body in a horizontal position. (If you are struggling with this pose, you can use a chair for support.) Hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable. If you can only hold it for a few seconds, practice holding it longer each time you practice to enhance your balancing skills.

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