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    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with Extreme Fitness Challenges

    Extreme fitness challenges—everything from mud runs to Spartan races—have become increasingly popular 

    We’ve all heard of these events. They are the ones where you climb your way up a muddy wall, dive into an icy dumpster of water, get covered from head-to-toe in color pigment powders while music is blasting all around you or even get chased by zombies.

    To many people, these events offer a fun and challenging way to get in better shape and work towards a goal.

    What Do People love About Extreme Fitness?

    In the past eight years alone, the number of participants in extreme fitness challenges has grown by leaps and bounds. Many participants revealed the top motivators as:

    • The “fun” factor
    • Uniqueness of the challenge
    • The adrenaline rush
    • Camaraderie with friends
    • Sense of accomplishment
    • Getting out of your comfort zone

    Non-Traditional Challenges and Themed Races

    Those looking for a unique experience can find what works best for them. Here are some popular extreme fitness challenges you can find.

    Mud Races

    If you like to get dirty, then this is the race for you. The challenges range from a two-to-three mile (30-minute) run to the extreme challenge of Tough Mudders, which are between 10 and 12 miles. For those who like to test their limits, the ultimate extreme version of the World’s Toughest Mudder lasts for 24 hours and has been known to include challenges such as obstacles, cliff dives and running in and out of freezing water.

    Spartan Races

    Spartan Races among the most popular of the obstacle races that test one’s strength and speed. These includes several challenges such as rope climbing and trekking up an inverted wall, along with the standard obstacles.

    Zombie Runs

    In this app-based game, you play the role of someone who has survived a zombie epidemic and is now running "to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts" so you can help them "gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend their home." You get to be a hero!

    The Color Run

    The Color Run, billed as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet,” emphasizes fun over competition. Runners are doused with white powder (a combination of cornstarch, baking soda and FD&C dyes, which are certified non-toxic) at the starting line and are dumped with additional colors as they run the race until they finish, by which time they are wearing a rainbow of colors. The runners enjoy a larger than life Finish Festival at the end of the race where they celebrate with music, dancing and massive “color throws.” Best of all, The Color Run raises money for local and national charities.

    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Participating in extreme fitness challenges may not only change the way you think about yourself, but they might also give you a fresh perspective on how you approach situations in your everyday life.

    Are you ready to go to the extreme? Find the challenge that’s right for you!

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