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    Avocado and Cucumber Rolls

    If you love sushi but would like a vegan option, try this recipe.

    “Raw vegan is taking the best care of your health,” says Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, who shares recipes and meal tips through her YouTube channel,FullyRawKristina.

    She advises that if you’re just getting into raw veganism, “start by eating one raw vegan meal per day: a juice, a smoothie, a fruit platter or a salad.”

    Avocado Spread

    2 medium ripe avocados, skinned and pitted

    2 stalks green onion

    1/4 cup raw hemp seeds

    1/4 cup lemon juice

    1 handful fresh basil leaves


    2 large cucumbers

    1 medium carrot

    1 small zucchini

    1 medium rainbow bell pepper

    1 handful cilantro (optional)

    2 stalks green onion

    1. Blend the avocado spread ingredients.
    2. Thinly slice the cucumbers with a mandoline or knife into long, flat strips, then slice the rest of the vegetables.
    3. Spread some avocado mixture on each cucumber slice; don’t spread too thickly or it will run out the sides when rolled.
    4. On one end of each strip, place the carrot, zucchini, pepper, sprigs of cilantro (if using) and green onion, then roll up and secure with a toothpick. 

    Yields: 5–20 rolls

    Source: FullyRawKristina

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