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How Magnesium Helps Children

Magnesium is recognized for being calcium’s partner in helping to build strong bonesan important consideration for growing bodies.*

But that’s only one of the functions performed by magnesium, which is involved in more than 300 metabolic processes. That makes getting adequate amounts of this often underappreciated mineral crucial to a child’s well-being.

Magnesium’s Many Roles

Most bodily energy production runs through a molecule called ATP in a complex arrangement of chemical pathways. This system requires magnesium to run smoothly.

Besides helping produce the energy muscles need to move, magnesium is also a part of the mechanism that allows them to contract and relax. In fact, nerves also rely on magnesium, which helps receptors on the surface of brain cells operate correctly.

Are Kids Getting Enough Magnesium?

Many foods contain useful amounts of magnesium, especially beans, seeds, nuts and leafy greens—foods that a lot of children (and adults, for that matter) don’t like to eat.

As a result, “dietary surveys of people in the United States consistently show that intakes of magnesium are lower than recommended amounts,” according to the National Institutes of Health. What’s more, about a third of all youngsters are overweight, which has been associated with low magnesium.

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