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The Power of Protein

Everyone can use more energy. What if there was something that would boost your vitality and more?

There is. It’s called protein.

Protein has always been the bodybuilder’s best friend. But now this necessary nutrient has busted out of the gym and become the go-to supplement for everyone, no matter what they’re looking for.

More abundant energy? Check. Increased stamina? You bet. Speeding muscle recovery? That too.

In addition, protein is essential for dozens of functions you don’t think about. For example, your body uses it to build hormones and neurotransmitters—and enzymes, which help your cells do just about everything.

For decades, NaturesPlus has led the way in protein supplementation thanks to SPIRU-TEIN energy shakes, which feature 14 grams of protein per serving—taken from non-GMO rice, pea and both non-fermented and fermented soy—as well as vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, in a wide range of flavors.

This award-winning shake family also features unsweetened Simply Natural and the rich, creamy goodness of SPIRU-TEIN WHEY. If you want a bigger nutritional punch, SPIRU-TEIN GOLD is designed to meet today’s relentless energy demands.*

But here at NaturesPlus, we’re not ready to kick back and call it a day. That’s why we’ve introduced Almond, Pea, Pumpkin Seed, and Sunflower Proteins as well as our Paleo Protein blend: All are vegan, organic and non-GMO.

For more plant-based goodness, there’s Source of Life Garden VPM Naked Protein, derived from whole foods and packing 20 grams of protein.

All of these powders make great shakes and smoothies. But you can use them to boost the protein content of bowls, bars, soups— even pancakes. Your imagination’s the limit.

Looking for greater energy and vitality, and an overall boost in well-being?* Put the power of NaturesPlus proteins to work for you.c

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