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    Switch Up Your Workout Routine with Yoga Fusion

    Maybe you already practice yoga, but are looking for a new type of practice. Or maybe you want to add yoga to your exercise program, but want a style that's aligned with your fitness goals.

    Welcome to the world of yoga fusion.

    Yoga fusion is a great way to experience yoga's benefits combined with those of other fitness activities.

    A well-rounded practice that includes forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions and balancing poses is key. While some of us may think of yoga as a peaceful balance between body and mind, some forms can be intense and energizing.

    Whether you’re looking to strengthen your core muscles or incorporate dance into your workout routine, these six yoga fusion styles combine just the right moves to help you achieve your fitness goals. While choosing the style that’s right for you, it’s important to work within your own limits.

    The best way to decide which style suits you best is to check each of them out on YouTube.

    CorePower Yoga

    Just as the name implies, this style focuses on core muscles to strengthen the hips, pelvic area, back and abdominals. It involves quick-paced movements that challenge endurance and stamina. Many of these classes are held in heated rooms and so have the sweating and detoxing benefits found in Bikram Yoga.


    This creative blend of Pilates, yoga and a sport-and-dance stretch with athletics offers core training benefits and stretching and flexibility that are easy on the joints and designed to increase strength, balance and agility.

    Dance Yoga

    For the dancers out there, this enjoyable and inspiring class begins with a breathing/stretching warm-up that leads into a fun, choreographed dance combination that is based on specific yoga positions. Styles will vary greatly, depending on the instructor; however, participants say they enjoy both the physical and spiritual benefits of dance yoga.

    Yoga Booty Ballet

    This style is as fun as it sounds, since it fuses sculpting work taken from yoga and cardio dance moves to achieve a shapelier bottom. Don’t be fooled by this one: It’s a vigorous workout and works well for weight loss.

    Vinyasa Flow

    If you’re looking to improve strength and flexibility, this intense, fast-paced yoga fusion style is just what you’re looking for. Evolved from Ashtanga yoga, it’s performed in a series of set, specific poses that are based on part of the sun sequence. Vinyasa refers to any flowing style of yoga. Teachers therefore develop their own sequences using different asanas (or poses) and transitions.

    Power Yoga

    Designed for advanced exercisers, this challenging workout uses fitness-based approaches to Vinyasa-style yoga (with most power yoga moves resembling those of Ashtanga). It should be noted, however, that this style does not follow a set series of poses. If you’re new to yoga, it’s recommended you first learn the poses to avoid injury before considering taking this class.

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