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    Exercise with Indoor Cycling

    If your local bike path is just too crowded nowadays, consider going digital.

    A new generation of digital streaming options has made it even easier to hit the bike. On-demand workouts give you the feel (and benefit) of a group fitness effort without leaving your home as well as varying time increments, from 15 minutes to an hour.

    Different companies offer different choices, such as preprogrammed sessions streamed directly to the bike’s console or a feature that mimics riding up and down hills. Your indoor experiences can range from endurance rides to high-intensity interval workouts, which sprinkle in shorter, intense sprints. Some classes incorporate upper body strength training, too.

    Riding inside is especially helpful for beginners. For one thing, you can find a virtual instructor whose class will suit your tastes. For another, you control the resistance and how hard you work.

    A bonus: Unlike running or bootcamp classes, cycling is easy on your joints, making it a good choice if you’re easing back into exercise after a layoff or coming back from injury.

    Ready to give spin a spin? Here a few tips.

    Set up your bike properly. There’s nothing worse than riding a bike that’s too tall or too short for you. The seat should be level with your hipbone when you stand next to the bike.

    Mind your form. Biking with proper form will ensure that you’re engaging the correct muscles and help you steer clear of injury. Keep your shoulders relaxed and chest out, and draw your abs in toward your spine. Grip the handlebars lightly.

    Listen to your body. Don’t push at the level your body pushed at five years ago, or how you want it to push six months from now. Pay attention to how your body feels in the moment.


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