The world's greatest line of
Children's Vitamins &
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Only Animal Parade offers a cascading variety of luscious flavors, enticing textures and diverse formulations - making nutritional supplementation fun and easy for you and your kids.

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Featuring whole-food fruits and vegetables, along with other critical vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Animal Parade delivers superior-quality support for children's healthy growth and development. Animal Parade vitamins and multivitamins for children come in animal-shaped gummies, yummy liquids and drops in delicious flavors like bubble gum, cherry and grape.
everything you want for your children's health and well-being

• Whole foods and green super-foods extracts and concentrates for ultimate nutritional support
• Bioflavonoids and botanical extracts
• Naturally derived essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids
• A rainbow of deliciously tempting flavors that kids simply can't resist!
TABLETS? Animal Parade premium multivitamins, vitamins and supplements for kids draw on the earth's natural sources to give children the highest level of nutritional support on the market. Every Animal Parade product is enhanced with Source of Life®'s proprietary blends you won't find anywhere else!

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