GHT Male Capsules

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Product No. 48719 - 90 Count Bottle 30 Servings

Discover the revitalizing, synergistic benefits ofnaturally improving both testosterone and HGHlevels together. Men rave about the revitalizingenergy, improved strength, stamina and libidothey have achieved by naturally boosting theirtestosterone levels. Just as excited are the menwho have increased their endurance, enhancedtheir coordination and improved metabolism andweight control by naturally boosting humangrowth hormone HGH levels. Testosterone andHGH work via different physiological pathways,but their combined effects are even greater thanone would expect from their sum! NaturesPlusGHT Male is the ultimate testosterone andHGH boosting supplement for total body vitality!GHT MALE delivers powerful nutrients that helpmaximize free radical elimination improve overall amino acid nutritionsupercharge L-dopa levelsneutralize the free fatty acid blockadeimprove arginine hormone signalingenhance blood sugar controlincrease insulin-like growth factor increase osteoblast and chondrocyte activityenhance muscle gene expressionEvery day, the stresses of life diminish the bodys ability to produce HGH and testosterone. We lose more of the associated youthful energy, strength and vitality. By age 40, we often generate only a fraction of the HGH and testosterone we once did. Beyond age 40, testosterone is much reduced, and HGH is virtually gone! Research on muscle growth suggests that the combined benefit of testosterone and human growth hormone is synergistic improvements are greater than one would see from a sum of the parts. The results are better than men could ever have dreamed, with:Improved energyRenewed strength, performanceand enduranceHealthy brain function mood, sleep, memory, focus Benefits for muscle and bone health, sexual and immune function, body composition,healthy hair, skin and nails, and many other aspects of healthNaturesPlus GHT Malethe ultimate vitality supplement for men!

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