Ultra Fat Busters Bilayered Tablets -
Fat Blocker/Carb Blocker with 400 mg LipoShield and Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer

Available Sizes:
Product No. 4338 - 60 Count Bottle 30 Servings

NaturesPlus® ULTRA FAT BUSTERS TABLETS is the most advanced weight loss supplement ever developed! When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program, this revolutionary bi-layered product fights the battle of the bulge on two fronts by targeting both fats and carbs...providing a powerful one-two punch that delivers amazing weight loss results! ULTRA FAT BUSTERS TABLETS innovative bi-layered formulation supports your weight loss efforts with a fast release layer that works immediately in the stomach and the small intestine and an extended release layer that delivers up to 10 hours of nutritional metabolic support for maximum effectiveness. Dont give fat a fighting chance - bust it with the most cutting-edge weight loss tablets on the market today: ULTRA FAT BUSTERS!

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