Ultra SKINNY MINI® Bilayered Tablets

Available Sizes:
Product No. 4326 - 90 Count Bottle 45 Servings

Ultra SKINNY MINI® pumps up the energizing nutrition and puts you on the fast track for weight loss success! Building on the award-winning SKINNY MINI formula, Ultra SKINNY MINI delivers even more amazing weight-management nutrition including exciting new natural factors for antioxidant support, cognitive function, and exhilarating energy! And, Ultra SKINNY MINIs cutting-edge bilayered tablets allow you to get the amazing weight management advantages of both rapid-release and sustained-release benefits! Supercharge your metabolism, lose weight, and feel great with fast and easy Ultra SKINNY MINI!

Like original SKINNY MINI,

  • helps reduce cravings for foodrn
  • increases energy naturallyrn
  • helps increase metabolismrn
  • is 100% ephedra freern

Ultra SKINNY MINI supercharges the effectiveness of your weight loss efforts and further supports overall well-being:

  • provides more key nutrients for efficient and effective metabolismrn
  • supplies more energy precursorsrn
  • nutritionally supports healthy brain, liver and heart functionrn

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