Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable - Exotic Red Berry Flavor

Available Sizes:
Product No. 30871 - 60 Count Bottle (60 Servings)
Product No. 30872 - 90 Count Bottle (90 Servings)

<p>For more than 20 years, Nature's Plus Adult's Chewable Multis have been a staple in health food stores everywhere - millions of consumers swear by the delicious pineapple-flavored chewable! Now, in response to overwhelming consumer demand, Nature's Plus is pleased to introduce a new, enticingly succulent exotic berry flavor: <b>Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable Exotic Red Super Fruits</b>! <p>Delectable <b>Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable Exotic Red Super Fruits</b> provides: <ul> <li>Succulent exotic berry flavor <li>50 mg whole red foods <li>500 ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) <li>Super potency vitamins <li>Broad profile of minerals <li>Convenient chewables! </ul> <p>In today's hectic world, complete nutrition is sometimes elusive; that's why it is so essential to supplement your health with the best supplements. Support your health the exotic way with <b>Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable Exotic Red Super Fruits</b>!</p>

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