Infinite Planet Multi Capsules

Available Sizes:
Product No. 3005 - 60 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

Sustain your optimal health. Sustain our planet’s environment and ecology.
Sustain people around the world, their diversity and their cultures.

Infinite Planet Daily Multi is a one-of-a-kind, certified organic, complete multivitamin, with 20 whole food-grown vitamins and minerals synergistically enhanced with 40 organic whole foods and extracts.
All of its ingredients are fair and ethically sourced, from sustainable, organic growers around the world.

Infinite Planet Features:
• Maca, eco-harvested from native Amazonian highlands
• African Baobab Fruit, raising communities throughout South Africa
• Australian Kakadu Plum, wild harvested by indigenous groups
• Peruvian Cocoa, helping advance the lives of small farmers in South America
• Egyptian Fennel, sustaining growers and fertile soils of the Mediterranean

Discover the difference that Infinite Planet Daily Multi can make in your life, while your make a difference for our planet: 100% of Profits Donated to Global Charities*

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*Natural Organics Inc. happily donates 100% of Infinite Planet net profits
(sales minus manufacturing, marketing, distribution costs) to Global charities.

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