Liquilicious® Vitamin C Liquid - 1000 mg with Lemon Bioflavonoids - Orange Flavor

Available Sizes:
Product No. 25001 - 30 fl. oz. / 887.10 ml 30 Servings
Product No. 25005 - 8 fl. oz. / 236.56 ml 8 Servings

NaturesPlus® Liquid C with Lemon Bioflavonoids is an exciting, cutting-edge Vitamin C supplement that delivers superior quality Vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids. Theres a reason why Vitamin C is the most well-known and highly regarded vitamin in the world: This antioxidant affects many of the bodys systems, including the vascular system and natural defenses. NaturesPlus® Liquid C with Lemon Bioflavonoids is highlighted by its incredibly delicious orange flavor. Each drop is bursting with the amazing flavor of ripe, freshly-picked oranges. Heavenly citrus highlights and delightfully succulent undertones create a tangy, tantalizing taste sensation a refreshing new way to get vitamin C!

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