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A Red, White and Blue Holiday Menu
Having a Fourth of July get-together this year? Why not go with this suitably themed menu: A white salad based on fennel and white beans, a red salsa with radish and jicama, and a vegan b...
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How to Prepare for Your New Baby
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How Staying Social Helps Your Brain
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Protect Your Joints While Gardening
Being a gardener has its advantages: Besides letting you grow your own food and get out into the fresh air, keeping a garden also helps you stay flexible and loose.The only concern? Enjoy...
Vegan Yogurt
Yogurt without milk? Absolutely! This yogurt recipe uses cashews as the basis of a yogurt even a hardcore vegan can love. “Making your own yogurt may seem daunting, but it is actually sim...
Reducing Stress in Pets
During a hectic day, have you ever looked at your cat napping or dog playing and thought, “Now that’s the life—no problems, no worries”? If so, you might be surprised to learn that our fu...