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What You’re Made Of...

Among all the other wonderful things protein does for you, it supplies the scaffolding upon which all of your tissues are sculpted—in the form of a very special protein called collagen. Tough and durable, collagen is responsible for many of the contours of your face, the bounce of your hair and the smooth operation of your joints, to name a few uses.

What allows collagen to fill these many roles to perfection is that it comes in a number of different types. For example, types I and III are predominant throughout the skin, so it isn’t surprising to learn that they form the bulk of the body’s total collagen quotient. And in joints, type II collagen, another relatively abundant variety, helps build the lubrication systems as well as the cartilage and tendons that allow for comfortable movement.

But these three types aren’t the only collagens you need. Other essential varieties include type IV, linked to crucial cellular activity; type V, vital for immune and reproductive support; and type X, which helps build hair and bones. Collagen is subject to degradation from many factors, including exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. That’s why it’s important to continually refresh your supply. But that can be tricky: This protein is formed of lengthy strands that the body can’t absorb directly.

Enter Collagen Peptides from NaturesPlus.

Proteins are composed of building blocks called peptides; collagen is particularly difficult to digest because it’s made of long chains of braided peptides. Hydrolysis, a process that breaks apart the long collagen braids, results in peptides that are not only more easily digested and absorbed but free of the impurities that are often trapped in non-hydrolyzed collagen.

Pure, clean and simple, Collagen Peptides from NaturesPlus are derived from sources that have been managed in an environmentally responsible manner such as grass-fed beef and are free of allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This product also contains enzymes such as collagenase and serrapeptase (serratiopeptidase), which further aid collagen digestion and absorption.

With virtually no flavor or aroma, Collagen Peptides can be mixed into drinks, blended into smoothies and even added to foods such as salad dressing, allowing you to get the full benefits of high-quality collagen supplementation every day.

Give your body what it needs. Give it Collagen Peptides from NaturesPlus.

Learn more at: NATURESPLUS.COM

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