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Tired All the Time?

It’s only 10:30 in the morning and you’re already looking forward to napping in your car at lunchtime. Or it’s Friday night and you’re too pooped to party with the gang. Or it’s Saturday and you’re binge-watching TV instead of following through with all those big plans you had.

The US is suffering from an energy crisis—not a shortage of oil or gas, but a deficit in personal energy for practically everyone, young and old. In fact, according to a recent National Safety Council survey, 43% of Americans reported being too weary to fully function at work.

There are almost as many reasons for constantly feeling tired as there are people suffering from it, but one big reason is a lack of iron. This essential mineral is used to produce hemoglobin, which gives red blood cells their color. Hemoglobin grabs oxygen molecules in the lungs so they can be delivered to the body’s trillions of cells, which use oxygen to create energy.

No iron, no energy. It’s that simple.

If you don’t have all the energy you need or desire, the first thing you should do is see a doctor to rule out any possible medical issues. But you should also take a closer look at HEMA-PLEX® by NaturesPlus.

HEMA-PLEX supplies high-potency iron in an organically bound form for high absorbability and greater comfort. And it supports that iron with Proanthroplex, a proprietary blend of phytonutrients that provide antioxidants for blood and blood-vessel support along with high-potency natural vitamin C and other crucial cofactors.

HEMA-PLEX comes in several convenient forms. They include HEMA-PLEX Vcaps®; HEMA-PLEX Chewables in a delicious, mixed-berry flavor; fast-acting HEMA-PLEX Softgels; and HEMA-PLEX Sustained Release Tablets, which provide long, slow iron delivery. And now NaturesPlus offers brand-new HEMA-PLEX Liquid for those who prefer supplements in this easy-to-use form.

To live life to the fullest, you need healthy, fully oxygenated blood. Make HEMA-PLEX your go-to blood support formula.

Learn more at: NATURESPLUS.COM

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