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As seen in USA Today: NaturesPlus Supports Campaign for Better Blood Health

Millions of Americans deal with blood problems every day—but millions more are unaware of this serious issue. 

As seen in USA TODAY, the Living with Blood Disorders campaign has been launched to raise awareness of blood health. And as one of the nation’s leading dietary supplement manufacturers, NaturesPlus is doing its part by bringing attention to iron deficiency, one of the world’s most common nutritional problems, and to the role that HEMA-PLEX, our total blood support supplement, can play in fighting this pervasive problem.*

“We’re eating loads of iron-rich food, but we’re not absorbing it,” says Michela Vagnini, a nutritionist with NaturesPlus, who was quoted in the USA TODAY piece. “Iron is not the easiest molecule to absorb.” Other factors—including certain medications and intense exercise—can also inhibit iron absorption.

Many people turn to iron supplementation to improve their levels of this crucial mineral, which helps red blood cells bring energy-enabling oxygen to all the body’s cells. But the use of generic iron supplements can lead to upset stomach and other uncomfortable side effects.

That’s where HEMA-PLEX comes in. This vegan, gluten-free supplement is formulated using a form of iron that is very gentle on the body and includes beneficial co-factors like vitamin C, which enhances absorption, as well as other nutrients crucial to blood health.*

The benefits of proper iron supplementation can be noticeable. As Vagnini puts it, “Sometimes you don’t even notice that you need iron until you take some and you go, ‛oh, that makes me feel alive!’”

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