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Having Fun with Your Friends on Zoom

By now, we’ve all gotten used to keeping in touch via Zoom, Skype and other remote-meetup platforms. But these services aren’t just for work; you can utilize them for play, too. Here are some of the creative uses to which the concept of “distance physically, hang out socially” have been put.

Hold a “Sip and Paint” Art Class…

Can’t meet at the local studio with your wine-loving besties? Don’t let that stop you—have everyone turn their devices towards their easels and toast each other’s artistic efforts!

…Or a Wine Tasting

Check to see if wine shipments are legal in your state. If they are, have everyone order the same sampler box and let the tasting—and comparisons—begin! (If you all agree on a runaway favorite, let that become the star of your next virtual happy hour.)

Share Beauty Confidences

Have you ever wondered how one friend gets those perfect eyebrows or another those well-defined cheekbones? Now is the time to crack everyone’s secret code—so you can look fabulous at your next virtual office meeting.

Host a Yoga or Aerobics Class

It doesn’t matter if no one in your crew is an instructor. Just agree on a simple 15- to 20-minute routine, unroll your mats and work up a sweat.

Cook Together, Dine Separately

It’s time to transport your phones/notebooks into the kitchen! You can either have every participant do her own thing or agree on a single recipe. Either way, you can share cookery tips, and a lot of laughs, along the way.

Hold a Game Night

All sorts of tabletop activities, such as Scrabble and various card games, are available in virtual format. Or have everyone pick a trivia category—90s boy bands, anyone?—and come up with 10 questions for the rest of the group.

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