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4 Ways to Eat Mindfully

Hit the (Water) Bottle. Sometimes you think you want food, but your body actually wants water. When a craving starts, try drinking a full glass and waiting 15 minutes; that may help. Bored with plain old H2O? Add fresh or frozen fruit for a bit of flavor.

Have a Plan. Set up a day-by-day meal plan for each week and do your best to stick to it, or try writing down what you eat right before you dig in—the idea is to be aware of what you’re eating. Speaking of awareness…

Ditch the Screens. Eating while focused on something else, whether it’s watching TV or browsing the internet, can cause you to eat more food faster, unaware of how the calories are piling up. Try eating in a screen-free room—or outside, if you have yard access—so you can focus on each bite.

Use Smaller Plates. It seems silly, but it’s true: Studies have shown that smaller plates lead to smaller portion sizes—many times people simply eat what’s in front of them. A second helping should be a vegetable or, if you really need something sweet, a piece of fruit.

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