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If You’re Losing Sleep, You’re Also Losing Brain Power

Getting proper sleep is crucial to cognition. 

Your brain is actually very busy while you’re slumbering, clearing out waste and strengthening the bonds between neurons that allow you to learn and remember. Without enough shut-eye, the whole system becomes twisted.

And you can’t afford to have a tired mind. Finding enough hours in the day for everything in your life is one big challenge; keeping your mental edge while you juggle it all is another. You need to keep moving and dealing with nonstop brain fog just isn’t on your to-do-list.

To thrive in a mentally challenging environment, you need to nurture your brainpower with smart nutrition. You need nootropics.

Sure, these brain-supporting nutrients are found in food. However, what you eat often doesn’t have enough concentrated nootropic power to make a difference.

That’s why NaturesPlus has developed the BrainCeutix supplement system, formulas carefully crafted to work together to supply the nutrition you need for optimal brain support. BrainCeutix Multi furnishes essential nutrients for peak performance. BrainCeutix Omega+ delivers omega-3 fatty acids for optimal cell membrane flexibility. BrainCeutix Boost provides nutrients that promote healthy bioelectrical function. (One of these nutrients is so crucial that it's available in standalone form as BrainCeutix PQQ.)

And now, because shut-eye is so crucial for brainpower, NaturesPlus has introduced BrainCeutix Restore. It incorporates science-backed nutrients—such as Cyracos® lemon balm extract, L-theanine, 5-HTP and velvet bean—to support sound, brain-refreshing sleep. BrainCeutix Restore also features Alpha GPC, a natural source of choline, a key memory-support nutrient, and a unique herbal combination, REM Sleep Memory Support Blend.

BrainCeutix Restore is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep—so you can be your best self when you’re awake.

A good night’s sleep helps you stay sharp. Make nighttime your time with BrainCeutix Restore.

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