Pet Parenting 101
Featured in: News  |  September 10, 2018

Pet Parenting 101

Reduce Your Pet’s Stress by Connecting with Them

By Natures Plus

Just as we are subject to stress, so are our pets. What’s more, “boredom and loneliness are probably the most damaging stress factors in a pet’s life,” says Paul McCutcheon, DVM, author of The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats (Celestial Arts), especially when you don’t make time to interact with them on a daily basis. This stress can lead to problems such as damaging furniture, excessive vocalization and other disturbing behaviors.

So, spend as much time with your pal as you can—it will reduce stress for both of you. (For those times when life just gets in the way, McCutcheon suggests sending your dog to day care or having a friend come in during the day to spend some time with your pet).

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