Featured in: News  |  July 22, 2016

Folic Acid May Help Seniors Deal with High Heat

  |   Edited by Amy Edel-Vaughn

A Penn State study has found that folic acid may help seniors avoid cardiovascular events during heat waves.

According to a report in Clinical Science, 11 older people and 11 younger ones took part in two placebo-controlled sub-studies that Pennsylvania State University researchers conducted. One involved localized heat treatment and folic acid delivery, the other whole-body heating and folic acid supplements.

In both cases, blood vessels in older participants’ skin were better able to relax and widen when folic acid was administered. This allowed the older group to better disperse heat from their body cores, a factor in avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

One reason older people are more prone to cardiovascular incidents in hot weather is that as blood vessels age, they produce less nitric oxide – the substance that allows arteries to widen and carry more blood. This allows the body to circulate excess heat, via the bloodstream, from its core to the surface, where the heat can be dissipated.

Take a look below at some helpful information about Folic Acid and how to be sure to incorporate it into your diet:


2. A member of the B vitamin family.

3. Folic acid supplementation can mask B12 deficiency; see a practitioner for 
appropriate testing before use.

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