Featured in: Pets and Wildlife  |  March 29, 2019

Florida Voters Retire the Greyhounds

Dog lovers continue pushing to eliminate racing everywhere.

By NaturesPlus

The first state to legalize dog racing in 1931, Florida, will end the sport by January 2021.

Thanks to the passage of Florida Amendment 13 in November, “we’ve seen the greatest opportunity for greyhound adoptions at any one time,” says Christine Dorchak of GREY2K USA Worldwide ( Her group has documented injuries and abuse at tracks in Florida and elsewhere. Dorchak says, “A dog died every three days at a Florida track.”

The coming Florida ban is expected to have ripple effects. “We believe the satellite tracks in other states will have a hard time staying open,” says Dorchak. “Our endgame is making greyhounds dogs again.”

Alexandra Stratemann, 21, who helps her mother at Elite Greyhound Adoptions in Loxahatchee, says her two dogs—Bart, 3, and Albie, 8, both rescued from the tracks— “follow me everywhere I go.” She adds, “Once they trust you, they give every bit of what they have to make you happy.”

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