Cleaner Eating with a Gluten-Free Meal Plan
Featured in: Fitness & Weight Management  |  March 14, 2017

Cleaner Eating with a Gluten-Free Meal Plan

By Linda Melone   |   Edited by Elena Doxey

Nowadays, you see gluten-free options everywhere – at your favorite restaurants and cafés, at your friends and family’s houses, and at the grocery store. This is because more and more people have witnessed the added health benefits of switching to a gluten-free meal plan.

Why make the switch?

Gluten sensitivity can go undetected if you’re not aware of how your body is affected by the foods you’re eating. You may be experiencing headaches and fatigue and chalking it up to a stressful day or not getting enough sleep, when in fact it could be the bread or any other gluten products that you ate.

What should you eat?

Food manufacturers are meeting the demand for gluten-free diets by offering gluten-free pastas, flours, nut-butters, and plant-based milks and stocks, just to name a few. There are more ingredients than ever to make delicious meals and still adhere to your lifestyle. Remember, planning in advance can help keep you on track – especially if you’re planning on dining out or are attending a special occasion.

Keep it real

Eating fresh fruits, grains and plant proteins are a better choice than opting for processed “gluten-free” products. Quinoa, millet, tofu, tempeh, legumes and split peas are great choices for keeping your food choices real. Having a variety of foods on hand makes meal preparation fun and creative. There are also gluten-free, natural supplements that are available to easily add many nutrients to your diet.

Clean eating starts with changing the way we think about food.

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