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Featured in: Fitness & Weight Management  |  September 20, 2017

5 Anti-Aging Tips to Look and Feel Years Younger

By Lisa James   |   Edited by Elena Doxey

We all know wisdom comes with age, but what good is wisdom if you don’t have your health? Here are five anti-aging tips you can start putting into use as early as your 20s to help prevent health issues and to maintain vitality well into your golden years.

#1. Get Moving—Wisely

Exercise is all-inclusive when it comes to our health. There isn’t a body part that doesn’t benefit from exercise―but going about it the wrong way can turn the gain into pain.

Be sure to create the ideal workout plan for your body and maintain good form. Creating an effective workout regime is crucial for keeping your joints in good alignment to avoid excess wear and tear, and to also keep from losing bone density. Correcting misaligned joints, which may require professional help, can reduce discomfort and may even fend off knee replacement surgery.

If you would like to use some outside help, many people turn to the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin to help build healthy cartilage. This is especially effective when combined with MSM and black cherry to reduce pain and inflammation.

#2. Fill Your Plate with Color

Food can be your best natural anti-aging weapon (or your worst enemy) when it comes to health. When filling your plate, strive to create a rainbow of foods, choosing everything from yellow squash to purple grapes. Loading up on deeply-hued produce is your best dietary bet for a long life.

Produce contains beneficial antioxidants; some available in supplemental form include NAC, SOD/gliadin and lipoic acid. A high-quality whole-food supplement can help fill dietary gaps. So, color your dietary world with healthy fruits and vegetables and see how balancing proper nutrition can add to your well-being and fend off aging disorders.

#3. Eat and Drink Clean

Water is a necessity of life and most of us do a good job in making sure we’re drinking clean, filtered water. But did you ever think about the quality of the water used to grow our fruits and vegetables? If they are grown by way of conventional methods, you might be getting both more contaminants and less nutrition than you bargained for.

Choosing organically grown meat and produce is the first step to taking control of the food you eat. Without knowing how your food is grown, you will be on a nutritional rollercoaster in trying to detoxify and modify your metabolism.

It’s especially important to be wary of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), where a plant’s genes are tinkered with to strengthen resistance to pesticides and herbicides, and to increase its size. Experts say there is a great deal of concern about allergies and autoimmune disorders that come from GMO foods. Look for produce bearing the USDA Organic seal and find suppliers of meat that has been raised without antibiotics and other chemicals.

In a similar manner, be careful of your family’s water supply. Drinking water that has been properly filtered and distilled is your best bet for anti-aging. You can get your water tested at most health food stores, or you can get your own pH meter.

#4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Excess pounds can foster chronic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. We all have our favorite foods and like to splurge every now and then, so remember that calories do count when it comes to health and natural anti-aging. Limiting your total food intake will help you maintain a healthy weight.

#5. Fend Off Sun Damage

Basking in the sun too often can lead to irreparable damage. Sun exposure can set the stage for wrinkles, discoloration and, at worst, skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays can also hurt your eyes by contributing to macular degeneration and cataracts, two leading causes of age-related blindness.

Wearing a brimmed hat and shades when you leave the house, in addition to using sunscreen on a consistent basis can help to prevent these maladies. You can reinforce these external efforts with lutein, a nutrient that―along with its partner, zeaxanthin―helps provide “internal sunglasses” by quenching UV-generated free radicals in the eyes and skin. (Lutein also helps protect arteries from plaque buildup.) Another nutrient, astaxanthin, helps ease inflammation.

These six natural anti-aging tips will help you immensely in reversing aging. But the process can easily be sped up with the help of Nature’s Plus® products.

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