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If you’ve gained weight over the past few months because you haven’t been moving around as much, don’t feel so bad. You have plenty of company! But sometimes the number on your scale creeps up without any obvious reason. Here are some possible explanations for unexpected weight gain.  Insufficient Sleep Failure to get enough sleep […]

This delicious mousse is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! Ingredients: 3 tbsp coconut oil 1 oz 100% pure dark chocolate 3 tbsp cacao powder 1 tsp instant coffee 6 pitted dates 2 large ripe avocados, pitted 1/4 cup coconut milk 2 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla extract Directions: Set a small metal […]

You want your meals made efficiently and fast. But you’ve had it with whatever is handy in the kitchen with little regard for nutrition and nourishment. No more mac-and-cheese dinners. No more stops at the fast food joint for a burger and fries. And pancake breakfasts are destined for extinction. We checked in with culinary […]

While various forms of low-carb dieting have been used for many decades to overcome a range of problems, this article does not recommend that anyone undertake self-treatment or avoidance of prescribed drugs without consulting a physician or qualified healthcare practitioner first. One of the more common issues many dieters experience is reaching a plateau. This […]

If you plan to spend more time in your yard this summer, there’s no reason for all of it to be spent snoozing in a hammock, especially if you need to keep children entertained. Playing old-fashioned outdoor games will let the kids blow off steam while allowing you to get in some exercise. Any movement—even […]

Lentils are a versatile addition to any pantry, ready for everything from soups to salads to side dishes. Lentils are a small legume cultivated in Asia and the Middle East since 7,000 BC that have been adopted by different cuisines around the world. As a staple in vegetarian cooking, they typically make it onto lists […]

Summer is here! To get the most fun out of your pool parties and barbecues, protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and biting bugs—the natural way. To Deflect the Sun’s Rays Check Your Sunscreen’s Report Card A little sun exposure, which prompts your skin to make vitamin D, is OK. As naturopathic physician Holly […]

Did you know that you don’t have to be an athlete to get athlete’s foot? While this irritating condition commonly lurks in moist environments such as locker rooms and swimming pool decks, walking barefoot in any public place—such as a hotel room—may invite foot troubles. Flaky, cracking, itchy skin on the soles of the foot […]

Core exercises and yoga are both great parts of an overall fitness plan. Now we have combined them: If you want a strong core, you must try these yoga poses. Namaste! 1. Boat Pose Boat strengthens not only  the core but also the hip flexors and the muscles around the spine. In addition, this pose […]

If there was a culinary common thread around the world, rice would most likely be it. On a global scale, rice has a seat at the table in just about every country. There’s the creamy arborio rice in Italian risottos, sticky rice in Japanese sushi, jasmine rice as a base for Thai dishes, a blend […]