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Low-carb dessert? Really? Ask a lot of people what you can eat on a keto diet and they’ll say, “Um, meat, avocados, bacon, green veggies, more meat…” While that answer isn’t wrong, it isn’t complete, either. Remember that a low-carb diet is based not on protein but on the other main macronutrient, fat—and fat carries […]

What is CBD/hemp used for veterinary medicine? » “The two things we definitely have clinical evidence for are osteoarthritis and seizure control in dogs,” says Gary Richter, DVM, owner of Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, California. “There are studies that bear those out.” However, CBD has shown its worth in ways that outrun the available […]

The southern region of Portugal, known as the Algarve, is living art. Embed yourself long enough within its magnificent coastal rock formations, either by hiking or biking their upper reaches or hugging the coast below by kayak and with the help of the shifting sun you can watch these cliffs turn many striking shades of […]